Monday, March 7, 2011

Designing a Dining Room

Lately I've been a little distracted by the needs of my own house. It gets so little attention, and it's full of business cast-offs and things dumped "temporarily" that have become permanent due to furniture inertia.

Are you familiar with this problem? It's when you put a piece somewhere "for the time being" and it doesn't move for five years.
You know it doesn't work, that you don't even like it, but furniture inertia exerts a force more powerful than the casual decorator can face alone.

It takes an outsider to tell you that your geriatric side has taken over and turned your house into a rest home for retired Martha Stewart paint colors, unwanted credenzas, and an unfortuantely ornate upholstered headboard from the Marquis de Sade's estate sale. No, having a red light district-themed bedroom does not enhance one's marriage. I have proof.

So, I'm in the middle of a slightly manic whole-house redesign/rearrangement. I know there's a window of time here. A very small window before other needs crowd out this project and the furniture exerts its seductive power once again, establishing itself in position for another five years. The time to act is now. I will triumph. The furniture will obey.

Here is a one hour time-lapse of the dining room transformation from this weekend:

"Hi. I have dentures and drive a Lincoln Town Car. I like robin's egg blue, a color briefly popular in 2002, and Waverly drapes from (GASP!!) Bed, Bath & Beyond. I love to look at them when I've fallen and can't get up and I'm waiting for Life Alert to send an ambulance."

"You embarrass me. You can do better than this. For Pete's sake, your fake driver's license says you're only 28. Act your age!"

Add fiddleleaf fig of Jurassic proportions, and rough oatmeal linen drapes. Am I looking any younger yet? What's that you say? Even Martha is embarrassed by this paint color now?

How's this? "Raccoon Fur" by Benjie Moore (a Morgan color recommendation). Alternately referred to as Rat's A** and Coon's Anus.

Better, right?

Next up...Thomas Jefferson called...Monticello wants its dining set back. And maybe make a crazy light fixture. It'll be great.


  1. you know what I was just you even need curtains in there? Why not just simplify a bit and take them out. I just saw in the picture when they where down and I was like oh my, it feels so much less geriatric and cluttered.

    JK, its not even close to geriatric.

  2. It's the blog version of putting a globe on it

  3. When I saw the dark blue walls, I was think "Oh, much better" So I think you are on the right track.

  4. I would love something yellow in that room. And the kanines are too cute!

  5. Like that rad Greek key pattern vintage sofa that used to be there?? Yes, I would like that too. So sad it's gone.

  6. Egad! (proper exclamation considering the geriatric references, right?) The plant is gorgeous, curtains much better, ditto with the wall color. What really burns my retinas is your tablecloth/chair cover combo. Puts me right into a nursing home with dusty colored carpet, a sadly out of tune piano and the smell of mushy supper. Smooch!

  7. yes, i've started using the phrase temporary permanence. i have a lot of that going on too. reading your 10.10.11 post on this room though and loving what you have done with it. worlds better.


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