Sunday, March 20, 2011


Brush up on your Adam Sandler if you're unfamiliar.
Besides being the apex of Winona Ryder's career, this is also how I lovingly refer to Chesterfield sofas. Or just Chester for short. Some of you may have received emails from me titled "OMG THERE'S A BLUE CHESTER FOR $175 GO GET HIM NOW NOW NOW!"

But, never again. You see, I've rented storage space. What I have in mind is that, much as my husband has collected a "quiver" of different surfboards for different water conditions, I will have a Chester for every occasion. Like, one for watching Hoarders on...

You have to get in your car to get to the end of this one. Reportedly from the Nip/Tuck set. Which for some reason always sounds to me like a show about making up beds.

This one's so nice, but very uptight. I like my leather like I like my life; worn out, falling apart, being held up by strong bones and British stalwart-ness.

Slate gray velvet, which I would marry if legal, and I would make a sister-wife out of indigo linen (brass and antique Persians would round out the polygamous household

This Chester belongs to a model and her polo player husband. I know. Don't you just hate it? It thinks it's so great.

And this one is pretty solidly the King of Chestertonfieldville...perfectly aged, striking the right balance between old and hip (I don't relate to this in any way), perfectly patinated brass nailheads.

This was to be the founding Chester in my quiver, but a few episodes of Hoarders later I was mentally prepared to let someone else have him. He is now ensconced in the Brick House, the center of stormy design controversy and the lumpy playground of Iggy and Bowie.

Coming up this week:

brass!!! a burl table the size of an archipelago!!! accidentally finding Hans Olsen!!! will she finish the dining room paint??? MODERNHAUS makes a real furniture purchase over $3.97, and it doesn't have an AMVETS sticker on it!!!


  1. I bought those sling chairs. I have to go to LA, I'm thinking about taking off the cushions and doing an army green canvas sling on them....

    also, I'm having a problem finding really good modern interiors with chesters in them...I wanted to do a whole post but totally came up dry.

  2. you're making me wistful over that army green sofa...

    look under "tufted leather sofa"

    for some reason most people don't use the term Chesterfield (or Chestertonfieldville for that matter)

  3. Love the sofas, have had one for a few years and not once have I had buyers remorse! On another note, is that your husbands *actual* quiver???


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