Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stealing Beauty-Travels in Barcelona...first 24 hours

Day one: first thing first; reassemble the longboard.

Curses to IKEA and its ubiquitous LACK table! Did I expect Spanish antiques in a rental apartment? Well, a girl's gotta dream.

French doors/bedroom/Catalan tile/first evening taking pictures of everything mode.

Surveying the land: looking right and left from the apartment balcony. In the Eixample District just off Passeig Saint Joan. Quite a bit like Paris.

la Rita

Swank. Packed with Spanish ladies who lunch. Gorgeous interior.

First meal that did not consist of cafe con leche and jamon in baguette standing up.

We all look like we got punched in the eye sockets. Yay jet lag!

Entrance, La Boqueria

Meat gold at la Boqueria.

Something about the look in his eye...he seems bored? Also a little put out that one of his mates is on his head.

Not a placenta. Well, maybe an alien placenta?



Architecture spanning Roman rule in the 800s to the 1700s in the same square

Very Montagues and Capulets

From inside Christopher Columbus's head.

Well, his monument's head. I totally forgot he was sort of a big deal in Spain.

Looking towards city center.

And towards the harbor and Montjuic

Is there an exhibit to get inside a teenager's head? No, it would be too scary.


  1. I must see both Barcelona and Paris!

  2. High Tech is sending a group of kids to both if you don't mind traveling with 9th graders ;)

  3. Gorgeous. What a fun travel that must have been! And I bet you got a ton of amazing pics just like these!

  4. spanish lunches = waiting for the check for like 1.5 hours... definitely takes some getting used to for antsy americans, right?!

  5. Julia-for real! But I loved it...the fact that you can nurse a glass of wine at a premium sidewalk table for three hours, and no one ever makes you feel like you should buy more or leave quickly! I would never dare sit at a legitimate restaurant in SD and order a single item like a gelato and then sit there for several hours. They would probably kick me out...

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