Monday, February 28, 2011

Possible Reasons I Haven't Been Blogging

1. Abducted by aliens that wanted to harvest my mojo.

2. Writing a screenplay about my blogging experience entitled "You Have Zero Comments".

3. Was drinking coffee and sitting in front of the computer all day, so thought I WAS blogging...

4. Shopping trip to Paris, and I bought you ALL gifts!

5. Partying with Charlie Sheen. Wore him out.

6. Yacht shopping in Portofino...didn't find anything I liked.

7. Got lost in the Bermuda Triangle...again.

8. Discovered abandoned warehouse full of Danish furniture. Died of heart failure.

9. Set World's Record for most laundry done in one day.

10.Cut myself on a piece of furniture while working...contracted a rare Danish teak-borne illness. CDC quarantined me in Denmark. Saw a lot of bicycles and cured meats.


  1. Good list. #3 and #9 seem plausible. LOL

  2. Thanks for suggesting that my life is boring ;)

    My personal fave it #10

  3. wearing charlie sheen out = WINNING

  4. Hopefully you've been spending countless hours compiling a new "you might be a hipster if" list.

  5. I hope it wasn't #9 because that one doesn't sound like as much fun! #3 is funnay in hit-home-hard way.

  6. Yay for #4! I call dibs on the pain au chocolate and a vintage trench coat (or I'll settle for a scarf).

  7. @ Anonymous, making those lists always makes me feel like such a jerk!

    Jooolia, hanging out with Charlie Sheen is way worse than hanging out with Mel Gibson. But also eerily similar.

    WPZ, #3 was straight from the heart babay!

    Sarah-anything for you!

  8. NEVER feel like a jerk for compiling hipster lists, the true hipsters know you're not talking about *them*.
    i always feel like i'm stalking you when i comment on everything. but i promise i'm reading it, that the same as stalking, but less obviously?? mONo

  9. After a second look, #10 is definitely the most inventive and crazy enough to be true. Your blogs inspire me to have a blog myself, but I'd probably write about #3 and #9 all the time. LOL

  10. mONo, stalk me baby!
    You know I love it...

    Tammy-#9 is my life....every. single. day.

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