Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cellos give me the almost-crieds

I went to the symphony, okay? I'm on a little bit of a roll with the cultural expeditions.

But seriously, I think I'm onto something here. When most of the women around you are using walkers you really start to feel like a lithe, spry young thing. And hey, when you've been twenty eight for several years like me, that feels good.

Other places to feel like a spring chicken:

The ladies locker room just prior to an "aqua aerobics" class at the public pool. This may also be where you begin to see the wisdom in not getting a tattoo.

Any Denny's or Coco's restaurant, any time, but especially at 4pm. Prime rib, coffee, and a $1 tip anyone?

A medical devices supply store ("Hey, sweet oxygen-tank-on-wheels set-up you got there!")

A stage performance of Shakespeare (not only will you feel young, you'll be the only one awake!)

In line for a flu shot. If you don't have stool softeners, Centrum Silver and laxatives in your cart, you will practically feel like a baby.

So there you go.
If you think you might want to get a little more artsy but you're not in the "major donor plaque on the wall" income bracket, do what I do. Register your email account with your local symphony, opera, theatre, etc., and when they have empty seats at a performance they will send super-discounted offers to you. They're usually at least half-price with a day or two notice. I took my whole family to see Spamalot with $7 tickets!

Do you do any artsy things in your city? Is the crowd as geriatric as it is here, or is it a better mix?


  1. So where are my invites to these ego boosting events?!?

  2. OK, point taken.
    Grand Slams at Denny's tomorrow morning, on me.


  3. probably you sat next to my grandma at the san diego symphony. she never misses a matinee show. i like your tip though... i went to a matinee opera with her once and loved it... i wanna go for $7. i'm down for it if it's free or under $10.

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