Friday, July 25, 2014

Big Serape Weekender Bags-Southwestern Bags for Travel, Yoga, Baby, Beach, or Gym

These great, unisex, all-purpose bags have been added to the shop in very limited quantities, so grab your favorite color while they last!  They're super roomy and soft-sided, so you can stuff them full of everything you need for the day or even a weekend away.  The thick, handwoven serape exteriors look great with everything, and make you want to pack your bag and hit the road!


(deep turquoise)

(baja red) 

(charcoal heather)



If your favorite color is sold out, let me know so I can put you on a (short) wait list for the next round!


  1. It is lovely and beautiful bags, I love the fabric and the style you go.

  2. I am interested I getting the fabric. Can you help! For the charcoal color. Thank you.

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