Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trending: Vintage Navajo Rugs and Mid Century Furniture

The last few weeks I gave myself permission to not just "buy and sell" but to spend some time creating original pieces.  I can't tell you what a difference it's made in my attitude towards my business!  It's so hard to just have a bunch of iconic pieces and no way to express myself!  Who lives like that??  It's criminal.

I've always had an overwhelming need to MAKE things (ask my mom about my infamous butter sculptures!), and now that I've given myself permission again, I CAN'T STOP!  Hide the butter, mom!

You might have noticed and been amazed by the turn-of-the-century Thonet and Hudson's Bay blanket chairs from my last post:

I used the same fabric on an early 1900s Bell telephone operator's chair:

I love that the base is so Victorian, but it also has a certain industrial appeal.  Plus every time I look at it, I imagine a lady named Pearl punching a bunch of old-timey buttons and connecting you to the milk man or the horse taxi.

But this transformation is the one I'm most excited about:

Before you have an aneurysm over my desecration of a Mid Century chair and a vintage Navajo rug, believe me that they weren't that great on their own.  I said they weren't, and I saw them with my own two well-trained eyes.  So trust.

The chair was avocado green vinyl (you know, the color of your grandma's refrigerator in the 70s?)  The rug...well, o.k., the rug was really pretty.  But the ends were unravelling and it was oddly shaped and as great as it was, it wasn't valuable in the least.  Go on Ebay and look...you can get 'em cheap.

And, I was really careful not to cut the rug (pun!) until I had stapled it into place and was absolutely sure it would look amazing.

I think you can see this was a case of the sum being better than the parts.

I wanted to make sure the bird symbols with the emerald green eyes made it onto the piece!

I still have the back to finish today, and then I'll work on polishing up the walnut frame.

I can't stop looking at it!  Neither can you!!

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Stay tuned for the next episode of Chairs Gone Wild, when I make butterfly chair covers out of old Army blankets!

Most of these projects are intended for the shop, so check in if you're interested, or email me directly at modernhaus@gmail.com !


  1. Completely wonderful! That's as in, I am filled with wonder at your creativity, brass cojones (on a girl, even!) and fabulous results. The sum is indeed light years away from the parts.

    I like it/them. Oh, and where o where did you find that delicious operator's chair?


    1. Thanks! The operator chair came from an old hoarder, $5. There was only the *slightest* risk he would cut me up and hide me somewhere and no one would ever find me again....but hey, for $5...

  2. These chairs are such a great fusion of parts*; I love them.

    Really great job.

    *Hee hee. PARTS!

  3. Awesome job! The shop will be hoppin' with these additions!

    1. Oh yeah, there's that whole photographing and listing and working thing still to do :(

  4. It looks really lovely! I love it!

  5. gorgeous!!!
    and you sparked an idea in me...wool blanket i love but makes my nose itch - i would like you to meet black chair in foyer

    Keep going! you ARE on a roll!

  6. This is very interesting,& Very nice desgin of these chairs here I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

  7. Brilliant idea! I could say that this is a great expression of your passion to furniture! Can't wait to see more of your creations! Thank you so much!

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