Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Superior Vintage

Get a load of this amazing dress and shoe combination on the right. I feel pretty certain that if this outfit were available today, it would be from some super-elite designer label (and maybe still not even made as well).

But just look at her, so cavalier about how great her dress is ("oh, this old fabulous thing with matching bespoke shoes?"), practically sitting in a fire pit roasting weenies with Bob, who is WEARING A FREAKING LINEN SUIT TO A WEENIE ROAST IN THE WOODS.

Bob is a dandy.

via retronaut

People like to talk about how fashion is now "available to the masses" with stores like Target. I guess cheap clothes can be a fun way to try out a trend, but I'm not sure "fashion" is the right word for single-use t-shirts that fall apart in the wash.

Given a choice, I'll take vintage every time.

I mean, everyday, mass-produced clothes were practically couture (compared to our "made by Chinese infants" stuff) and lasted forever. There was some expectation of craftsmanship and durability, you know?

I feel the same way about furniture. I might buy a West Elm lamp or a Target pillow (although I always, always wonder why afterwards), but if I want something to look substantial and be durable it's got to be at least 50 years old!

What about you? Are you a vintage hold-out?


  1. I'm in the process of shifting my entire closet to vintage goods bought in thrift stores and on etsy. Right now I'm wearing a vintage scarf, vintage skirt, and a sweater I bought from the Gap 2 years ago. The sweater is in the worst shape BY FAR.
    Also, I just feel like I look better and more put together in older clothes.
    YAY, old!

  2. I agree about feeling more put together...I think the fit is so much more beautiful in old clothes. The only problem I have with vintage clothes is the space for enormous, pointy boobs up top. I.e. there was an assumption that everyone wore serious foundation garments underneath, and my little cotton bralettes look pretty funny swimming around in there....

  3. I generally regret my cheap "fashion" purchases, too. I feel like I have a closet full of things that don't look that good or fit that well, while I have vintage pieces that I've worn for decades and still adore!

  4. I guess they just don't make boobs the way they used to ;)

  5. I've noticed a distinct decrease in boob quality over the years...

  6. I guess you could call my closet contents 'vintage' -- I still have, and wear, clothes that I either bought or made for myself 30 years ago. I also have a few skirts that were made for my mother before she got pregnant with me, but alas, I inherited my father's shape and size and the skirts do not fit me. You are quite right about the quality (or lack thereof) in most modern readymades. As for the boobage issue, why not find a good seamstress who can alter the clothes to fit you? It isn't really expensive (I'd charge about $25 to take in a simple blouse) compared to the cost of a well-made modern piece.

    BTW, your vacation pictures and commentary are fabulous! I've been away from the computer for a while (eye surgery) and gotta admit to some pea-greenness at your getaway. Bucket list, for sure. Oh, and your sons: MOST exquisite eye candy.


  7. Studying the bible won't give you points up top but it does say something about living on a paradise earth.....Kauai makes me think of that.


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