Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The trouble with Morgan Satterfield

is that she will ask to use your bathroom and take her camera with her (and not come back for 20 minutes). The good thing is that she will take pictures of the very tiny spaces in your house NOT covered in laundry.
Thanks for using your artsy editing skills to show the ten square feet of my house that look good!

You left out my favorite rug:

The granny hoarder crap on my honky tonk pianee:

More rugishness, featuring the backyard tulip table and $20 bentwood cafe chairs:

The Moroccan artifact wing of the house:

Libations (I don't know what Red Stag was a gift, it stays!):

Signs of the times (these were being used to patch holes in our garage walls...actually carriage house walls since it's pre-automotive era...but we DO have iron rings in our sidewalk where you can tie up your horses, before coming inside to drink Jameson and listen to me play the honky tonk pianee...also those old bentwood chairs are perfect for smashing over someone's head in a barfight since they won't hurt much...OMG it's pretty much the Old West over here)

A tipsy, leaning tower of Pisa-esque view of my new Danish cabinetry:

Aaaaaand finally, my husband's favorite piece of art, the He/She. I like to make up stories about her when people come over. Tons of fun.

You may have noticed that there are not pictures of bathrooms or kids' rooms in these or Brick House photos...and that is because this house was built before kids or digestion had been invented, sooooo.

No, actually my kids probably have the best rooms in the house and I'll have to get to that. The bathrooms are what you would expect; various holes and levers, implements of self-loathing (scale), a fancy "makeup area" containing (one) one-inch long brown eyeliner , some Daddy Longlegs in the corner. Can you picture it??


  1. Yikes! Your house is even better than I thought it was!!! And, although I have two enormous similar rugs, the nicest has been chewed by dogs. I envy yours.

    And the bathrooms? Pictured.

  2. Oh man, these pictures and the pics on BH are killing me. You have such a beautiful place! I'd love to see pics of your kids' rooms because I suspect they are awesome and my own kids' rooms are very much not. I need inspiration!

  3. Wow...I thought your home look good over at Brick...but, it's even better than I thought...Great looks collected and I love that..

    check out my home and blog here


  4. Your house looks beautiful~ those rugs! the bentwood chairs! I'm dying of envy.

  5. fantastic. love your moody wall color. call your art "the shim" (she/him). that's the term my teenage son uses for someone who's sex is undetermined.

  6. Collected, scavenged, same thing right??
    Thanks for saying nice things, all of you.
    Shim is the name, A Perfect Gray! I love it.

  7. Granny hoarder crap warms my pottery-loving heart. Love the pictures!

  8. honky tonk pianees, bar fights, thimking and lousing?! wish we would have stayed longer on sunday! p.s. i want to steal your moroccan side table item as well as your grandma horder pianee toppings.

  9. Hi..what a beautiful place you have! Would you mind sharing the colour of blue you used on your walls?


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