Friday, July 22, 2011

The Great $16.50 European Resort Wardrobe...How to Dress for Barcelona

As modelled by my cowhide rug...

So as is turns out my very stoic husband did NOT want to roll around on the floor screaming out, "Yes! Yes! Talk to the camera!! You're gorgeous baby!!"

And I'm not 14, so taking pictures of myself is out of the question. At least as far as you will ever know...

So it's a little retarded, but I threw together some of my thrift scores from the other day to create some possible outfits for my upcoming Barcelona/Tossa del Mar trip. Don't get too critical...we're talking $2 dresses here!

Which is exactly how much this white cotton piece cost. It's short, lined, and has peasant sleeves. Looks great belted and dressed up a bit for town, and then unbelted over a bathing suit for beachside sangria...

The thick tooled-leather belt was thrifted, the woven clutch was a clearance find at the GAP at least ten years ago ($5), the fedora is an old discount store find, as are the brass rivet sandals.

I found an army green (my color du jour by the way) French striped boatneck tunic, $2.95, and added a short black cotton skirt, my Scaramanga leather bag, and a brand new (thrifted) pair of patent leather flats ($2.95). Somehow it looks frumptastic in the photos, but much cuter in person...

And finally, my dual-action day into night look!

These are my old-as-the-hills skinnies (embarrassingly from Target...) with a thrifted billowy tank, thrifted eel skin clutch, and the thrifted flats.

For a nighttime flamenco show or tapas dinner, I'll change into my new-but-thrifted Bass heeled brogues ($2.50--even though the tag says $4.95 red tags were half off) and add my thrifted Gucci tuxedo jacket (I found it in the boys section for $3.95).

I actually bought more, but not everything made it into the photos. I think I am positively ruined for shopping in regular stores...besides which there's nothing under $300 that I am the least bit interested in! I love that when you pick up something for $2, it doesn't matter if you only wear it once and there is absolutely no buyer's remorse to deal with! Then again, I've already worn that white dress three times since Wednesday...


  1. OMG isn't it just amazing that all people don't thrift more often I find it much more fun cause you have to really think about what you are buying. EXample recently found pair of tory burch flats, 2 chloe bags that I have been wanting forever, (would never buy them retail) like $1600 per bag are you kidding? Oh yeah just got back from Spain, you will love it. great shopping, great food, everything is just amazing. Have fun!!!

  2. Wow I am so impressed. I feel like I can never find cute things at thrift stores...although i don't thrift often. You gotta show me your hangouts. Btw how awesome...a vacation? I hope you guys have fun!

  3. We really must meet! Your thrift finds are rockin' and I love how you put everything together.

    Have a wonderful vacation!

  4. Please, please, please can I come thrifing with you?? I promise to make you a basil martini afterwards ;)

  5. Yay! I love thrifting. We have an awesome shop called "Buffalo Exchange" here in Arizona/New Mexico (not sure if it extends to CA) and they have trendy second hand clothes as well.
    And, don't feel bad about your Target skinnies! I got my awesome swimsuit from them (not even maternity) and occasionally they do have flattering cuts. Can't wait for Missoni to hit the stores in Sept!

  6. You looked great in your dress on Saturday! Best kind of shopping - guilt free and thrifty.

  7. You are a gifted thifter! I come home with nothing but drip pottery vases when I thrift. Do you hit up Goodwill or one off thrift stores? Is there a particular day/time that is best? Just curious...... And I love how you put your outfits together, btw.

  8. Angie-what??!! I definitely don't find such high-end things. Pilgrimage to LA forthcoming!

    wifeofalltrades-unfortunately that's the secret-going pretty frequently! But once you find something great, you're hooked!

    travelgirl--yes, and YES!

    Sarah-Buffalo Exchange is awesome...kind of a pre-curated thrift store! Their prices are mostly really good, too!

    Bianca-I always think the same thing..


    Anon-I love drip pottery! I go to one huge thrift store in town that has daily turnover, so every time I go it's fresh (yep, it's a Goodwill). They seem to do the heaviest restocking on Thursdays and Fridays and it goes on all day, so pretty much any time is good on those days. There are pickers who sit there next to the double doors where they bring new pieces out, ALL DAY EVERY DAY! I think that thrift store is their whole living...crazy! And...thanks!


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